Saturday, August 1, 2009

Error: “Excel cannot access example.xls. The Document may be read only or encrypted”

This is happening because you are accesssing a file which has read only permission or permission not set at all...

- In case of FAT file format, Simply go to properties of that particular file and uncheck the read only check box. if the box is not ticked, then tick and un-tick it and apply. This will replace the file permission.

- If NTFS file format, Go to folder Option > View > Uncheck “use simple file sharing”.
Note: This will enable the security tab in "XP NTFS File Format"
- Now right click on the file or folder you are accessing.

- Properties > security tab

- If the entire or required user groups exist, check for the recommended permissions for the particular users.
Now click on advance tab and check “replace permissions entries on all child objects....”
- If the entire or required user groups doesn’t exists, Click on Add, Select users > Type the users name as per the recommendation.
Click advance tab and “replace permissions entries on all child objects…”
This will Enable the required permission to access that particular file.


  1. I have the big "collection" of working excel documents. And one day all files were lost on unknown reason. I asked an advice to my friend. He suggested an one soft blog. I was lucky and saw there a tool, which resolved my trouble and as I understood it can help in your situation too - repair Excel file.

  2. I ran a detect and repair and problem was fixed!!!!


  3. I have a problem...
    I tried to open my folder, but i couldn't. I was looking for solution and found that i had to change users. I did that, and now I can open folder, but for I can't open any excell files because this pops up, i can't open word files, i just get a small x on the screen when i try to open pictures.
    please help!

  4. this helpful tips

  5. again the same problem s coming after doing the all above....??????????

  6. BIG Thanks Sir, it was a big help